To increase yield, to optimize
herbicide use, to control
crop density

Increase yields, optimize herbicide consumption and control crop density using automatic drone fly over field and neural network.

Plan your actions based on analysis and forecast of phenophases and yield and follow recommendations of system.

Android Mobile app:

Agro fields map

Get an up-to-date overview
of your fields

All areas field report in 15 minutes
The drone flies over the field in auto mode taking photos at scout point.
Crop density measurement
The system analyses the captured images, determines the crops, their phenophase and density.
Weed recognition
Computer vision technology determines the presence of weeds, provides information about their species, quantity, phenophase and weed control methods.

Simplify field inspections

Mobile app
The user-friendly interface minimizes the time of the agronomist for qualitative field survey.
Task Management
Field survey tasks are created both manually and automatically based on upcoming and completed works, predictive algorithms.
Yield and phenology forecast
System automatically predicts the yield and the onset of phenophases for each field.

To be up to date

Field information in real time:
Current weather and forecast
Current and past state of fields
Yield forecasting
Tasks and reports list

Reduce time to collect and analyze information

Planning the acreage
Choose the optimized crops and varieties depending on the past sowings and economic activity.
Follow the technological maps
Plan and monitor the correct sequence of actions.
Algorithms for planning technological process
Planning is based on available resources, state of fields and crops, weather condition. Use the farm vehicles on time.
Manager Control Panel
Information system of the farm and its employees.

Get objective statistics for analysis

Yield analysis
Even seemingly identical fields can give different yields. The algorithms examine a set of field data to find why the harvest is different and how to maximize it.
Economic analysis
Allows you to calculate the cost of the crop for optimize it.


Available from any web browser
Secure cloud storage to keep your data
Offline mobile app
by certification authorities
Skolkovo Resident
Member of
Nvidia Inception program
AssistAgro web interface with flight mission
Мобильный интерфейс AssistAgro


Scouting from the sky is more accurate and less costly than traditional methods

Crop and weed recognition results
SaaS scheme AssistAgro horizontal
SaaS scheme AssistAgro horizontal


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Turnkey implementation
We provide the system integration into your current farm infrastructure. Personal manager support.
We can provide employees offline training how to use the app.
Support team
If you need any help, contact the support team at

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